Best Kratom Vendors – TESTED Sources to Buy Kratom in 2021 –


Kratom’s popularity has grown immensely over the last years, which is why every year more and more good Kratom vendors enter the market to meet the increasing demand.

However, the soaring number of online Kratom vendors has overwhelmed users – more so in their search for a legit seller.

As a result, kratom users need to be very cautious of where they purchase their Kratom from. While it sounds easy in theory, sourcing for the best kratom vendor takes time and research.

But you don’t have to waste your time researching for the best vendors because we’ve done it for you in this write-up. So buckle up and read on.

Best Kratom Vendors Online:

  1. New Dawn Kratom – Best Kratom quality and amazingly low prices
  2. Happy Hippo – More expensive but reliable Vendor
  3. Sacred Kratom – Well known Kratom Source

1. New Dawn Kratom – Our Best Overall Kratom vendor

Adorning the top of our list and the best overall Kratom vendor is New Dawn Kratom or NDK as most users like to call it.

A relatively new player in the digital Kratom market space, NDK has received a lot of attention from Kratom users over the internet by big magazines and even on Reddit (they have been voted as the vendor of the year on Reddit – and they issued a special lifetime coupon code for Redditors – THANKYOUREDDIT). The top reason for this sudden acceptance is the fact that they meet their customer’s expectations.

By that we mean, it meets quality demands, provides great service, and guarantees customer safety. That said, NDK sources its Kratom from qualified Kratom growers based in South East Asia where the best quality Kratom strains come from.

New Dawn also partners with third-party testing facilities that ensure that every batch of Kratom meets the recommended quality standards. The first test NDK does on its Kratom verifies the product purity.

This test ensures that the Kratom is free from yeast, molds, pathogens, and heavy metals that could harm human health. The tests also check for the alkaloid content which determines how potent the Kratom is.

Another amazing feature of this company is its diversity. As a kratom user, you need to buy kratom from a vendor with variety in its offer. It has almost every strain you can think about, from white Maeng Da to Red Bali and many more.

NDK has also invested in a user-friendly website that makes it a breeze to navigate and find whatever Kratom products you …….