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Break the norm this holiday and introduce a new natural supplement as a gift this year—kratom. As the CBD bandwagon subsides, shoppers are aglow with other new plant derivative choices. Choose your strain of kratom for desired effects and lift off!

Kratom contains highly useful botanical agents with opioid-like effects and endless potential in the future of medicine. Mitragyna speciosa, its formal botanical name, is indigenous to Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. Kratom’s most active compounds—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—produce stimulant, analgesic and opioid-like effects. In higher amounts, you can expect a pain-killing effect, or a stimulant effect in smaller doses.

Check local laws to determine if kratom is legal in your neck of the woods. While most U.S. states allow kratom, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin banned the herb and its extracts, and several cities have banned the herb as well at the local level.

We found the best kratom gifts for introducing your friends to a more natural approach to handling pain without powerful opioids—which have the power to stop breathing. Peer-reviewed evidence suggests that kratom has less potential for addiction than opioids, and may be the key to weaning off opioids. Here’s a list of possibilities for the kratom-curious:

Orange Cream Kratom Shot by Kratom Spot.

Photo Courtesy Kratom Spot.

Orange Cream Kratom Shot

Need a pre-measured dose of kratom, but prefer a better taste? It’s doubtful you will find any other kratom product with a better flavor palate reminiscent of orange zest and cream. Kratom Spot’s Orange Cream Kratom Shot contains a dose of concentrated, natural mitragynine with a truly delightful taste. It’s a delicate, creamy citrus flavor that’s a delicious twist on your regular kratom dose. Or, settle for the equally tantalizing mint chocolate flavor. The effects are almost instantaneous. $6.39,

Kraken Unleashed by Kraken Kratom.

Photo Courtesy Kraken Kratom.

Kraken Unleashed: Pre-Workout Supplement

Feeling a little sore after a workout, but you’re not thrilled about painkiller options? Unleash the Kraken! Kraken Unleashed: Pre-Workout Supplement by Kraken Kratom contains 40 capsules per bottle, filled with a proprietary blend of premium Mitragyna speciosa extract. “Kratom—especially something like our Kraken Unleashed pre-workout supplement—can make a great gift for health conscious friends who may not be familiar with the plant,” a representative from Kraken Kratom told Forbes. $69.95,

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