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The unique health challenges of the 21st century have left us searching for more wholesome and safer treatment options. More and more people are exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) for the wide spectrum of benefits they offer. 

From organic supplements to natural personal care products and natural healing therapies, CAMs take us back to nature and teach us to rely on mother nature for healthy living. 

In recent times, Kratom, a botanical product, has been in the spotlight. A single plant extract is presented to us in different forms and intensities. If you are a beginner at Kratom, you are bound to be overwhelmed. 

As we analyze the 3 leading kratom vendors in the country, we aim to give you an overview of their brand and products in a nutshell. Now that we have got your attention, let’s get started. 

Top 3 Kratom Vendors On The Market:


Best Kratom Vendors [Reviews]

1. Kats Botanicals – Overall Best

Kats Botanicals might be a genuine source for premium quality alternative botanicals. Kats Botanicals offers the therapeutic benefits of Kratom most conveniently. When the finest quality products are matched by equally good customer service, you have a very successful brand. 

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Brand Overview: 

Kats Botanicals is a premium supplier of an extensive list of Kratom products. Along with these, they are also a recommended name for CBD products, Shilajit, and other holistic botanicals. 

The brand was launched by Justin Kats in 2016 and has quickly shot to fame with its superior product line and customer-friendly services. Their brand statement is to promote the belief in the therapeutic benefits of not just kratom but several medicinal herbs. 

The company is out of New Jersey and all its products are produced in the USA. Kats Botanicals source their 100% natural and organic Kratom from Indonesia where it is traditionally grown and harvested by seasoned farmers. 

Thousands of users affirm that the taste of Kats Botanicals Kratom products is very smooth and enjoyable. This can be credited to the way the leaves are handpicked and naturally dried in sunlight instead of using artificial light. As the leaves are harvested at the peak of maturity, Kats Botanicals delivers the right balance of potency and freshness. 

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