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Los Angeles, CA, April 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kratom is widely used for pain relief, to improve concentration, and to combat opiate withdrawal.

Therefore it’s no surprise that many have taken to Reddit to express their concerns and experiences with different online kratom vendors. There’s no better place to look than Reddit for real reviews, verified customer issues, and complaints.

As such, this review of the best kratom vendors has taken on board comments and posts left on Reddit forums and threads. Continue reading to discover everything there is to know about the top kratom vendors on the market.

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How the Top Kratom Vendors were Evaluated

In addition to posts and feedback left on Reddit, a number of other factors were also taken into consideration.

Price – Buying anything online always comes down to price. More often than not, if a product is priced way outside anyone’s budget, it’ll never sell. That’s why this review was careful to select kratom vendors that offered their products at reasonable prices or at least with various discounts and loyalty points available for their customers.

Strains – Not everyone is looking to get the same kick out of using kratom. Different strains suit different people. As such, vendors that offered a wide variety of strains and useful guides explaining each strain’s unique benefits were preferred.

Customer Support –  Support is a must for any online business. But even more so when it comes to products that boast potential medicinal benefits. As such, kratom vendors with excellent customer support for both first-time and experienced users rated higher on this list.

Lab Testing – Frequent and thorough lab testing is necessary to ensure the quality of a kratom vendor’s product doesn’t decline. That’s why this review made sure to look for kratom vendors that carried out frequent tests on their kratom strains.

The Best Kratom Vendors Reddit Users Loved:

1. TGM (The Golden Monk) – Best Overall Kratom Vendor According to Reddit

Golden Monk is one of the most newly established Kratom vendors to be found online. Having said this, they already have a firm foot in the trade and many positive mentions on Reddit. This Canadian company was launched back in 2016, their goal being to provide the best quality kratom capsules and powder while offering good customer service.